The lure of paranormal

I dithered for a week about whether or not to write a third book in the Talents series. I loved writing ‘Talent’ and, if I’m honest, I enjoyed ‘Fire’ even more. There’s another couple who connect in ‘Fire’ and I itched to write about them, but then…I decided not to. For now, at least. End on a high, right?

Yesterday I was stuck in traffic on my way to work and I had a new set of characters and a new story line pop into my head. I swear, it was like a gift someone had just dropped over. I love it. It’s unfolding like a movie and I’m only wishing that I’d had the idea at the start of November for NaNoWriMo!  Still, a new year is dawning and every new month is a new writing month, no?

What keeps surprising me is how often my ideas involve the paranormal. What is it that keeps us so fascinated with extra abilities, special powers, demons, witches, vampires? You’d think that human nature would be fascinating enough.

In the meantime, ‘Fire’ is out tomorrow! Exciting stuff. Check it out on Amazon:




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